The "Seaspray" 202 model is the perfect mid-sized walk-in tub with easy access

and choice of entry door on the left or right for your convenience.

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Due to its great safety advantage, walkin bath tubs are generally marketed to the seniors (elderly), handicapped, or persons with limited mobility.  Because of  the "walk in" feature to this bath tub and its compact design it has been proven to be very polular for everyone.
This Model " Seaspray 202" Walk-in Bath Tub is specifically designed for tall people or those who weigh over 300 pounds. This Larger Size Walkin Bath Tub is for any person of larger body sizes, that has taller frames, or those who just enjoy a deep soaking bath.
The location of doors, levers and faucets have options and can be selected based on your current bathroom layout and needs. Our Model 202 “Seaspray” walk in tub will make it alot easier to enter and exit  the tub area as well as having something solid to hang on to when getting in and our of the walkin bath tub.
Falls are a very serious problem among seniors...
For many seniors and the diabled, the fear of falling in the bathtub increases every day. When the statistics show that 1 in 3 seniors will suffer a fall each year and that over 550 accidents happen in the bathroom each and every day. 

The most  important thing to remember is, with a walk in bath tub there is increased safety for you. No more worrying about climbing over slippery tub enclosures or  trying to reach for something that is stable to grab onto.

With our walk in bath tub you, you can have complete privacy while bathing.

When you are ready for a truly safe, relaxing and healthy bath call the Tub King 1-800-409-3375.


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Our “Seaspray” 202 model is 54 x 30, allowing for a roomy, comfortable bathing experience. It holds 55 gallons. The molded seat height is 17” for minimizing strain when entering the tub and providing extra back support. It has a beautiful faucet set with a handheld shower. This model comes with 16 air jets and a whirlpool water jet system with 6 water jets perfect for soothing tired muscles. The in-line heater keeps your water warm longer, allowing you to soak for as long as you like. The “Seaspray” 202 is made of extra-thick fiberglass then sealed in gel coat to last a lifetime. A 6 inch low step provides easy access into the tub. The entry door, which can be installed on the right or left, has an easy to use lever bar and a patented lock system on the door for a watertight seal. Its slip-resistant floor, along with a built-in grab bar for balancing minimizes falls and adds extra safety. It is pre-plumbed for easy installation. This model promises to provide a pleasurable bath time experience!


$2,395 for a Soaker Tub

$2,695 for a Hydrotherapy System 

$2,995 for a Hydrotherapy System with Whirlpool System




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