Our Model 051 "Sea Spray" is our smaller walk-in tubs and it offers the added benefit of a shelf for toiletries. The Ultimate Safety Walkin Bath Tubs.

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Our model 051 "Sea Spray" stands 48" long x 28" wide x 38" tall and is the smallest of our models. It holds a capacity of 40 gallons. The patented lock system on the entry door has a water tight seal with a lifetime warranty and the entry door has an easy to use lever bar. This model is made of extra thick fiberglass sealed in gel coat and designed to last a lifetime. There is a 6 inch low step for easy entry and everything comes pre-plumbed for easy installation. The molded seat is 17 inches high to eliminate back strain when sitting and standing and also provides back support and comfort. The built-in grab bar for balancing and slip-resistant seat and surfaces prevent falls and the beautiful faucet set comes with a hand held shower. The hydrotherapy system with 18 air jets provides therapeutic bubbles for easing pains and treating injuries. The "Sea Spray" comes with an extension panel, if needed, to fill up a 60 inch opening. The filler will be attached behind the seat and serve as a shelf for soap, shampoo and other toiletries. The tub comes with removable magnetic panels on the front for easy access underneath. You can also choose to have the door installed on the right or the left for your convenience.


$2,395 for a Soaker Tub

$2,695 for a Hydrotherapy System 

$2,995 for a Hydrotherapy System with Whirlpool System


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