We have a walk-in bathtub to suit every need and we provide more accessories than the other leading manufacturers.

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Our wide range of Walk in Tubs will not only ensure your personal safety, your dignity and independence,  but is also guaranteed to bring you luxury, and the best absolute bathing experience.

Our wide range of safety walk-in tubs are available in various sizes to fit all bathrooms of different sizes.

You can choose a walk-in tub of your choice and options with whirlpool, airjet or dual system options.

Our Hydrotherapy Walkin Tubs help ease a number of health issues including inflammation, injured tissue and more. Your walkin tub provides benefits, safety and more. (Learn More ....)

Our safety Walkin  tubs are a great help for people with limited mobility, disabled people, people with a handicap or anyone looking for a safer and more comfortable bath.
At TubKing our only goal is to assist you in Making The Right Decision and determining which one of our walk-in bath or safety walkin-in bath tub is right for you.  Walk In BathTubs were design with only one thing in mind "Your Safety".
Please call us anytime to talk to our knowledgable staff about our walkin safety tubs.

Walk In Bathtubs That Are Made To Fit In Your Bathroom

Our Walkin Tub "Seaspray 202" model is 54 x 30, allowing for a roomy, comfortable and safe bathing experience. It holds 55 gallons. The molded seat height is 17” for minimizing strain when entering the tub and providing extra back support. It has a beautiful faucet set with a handheld shower. This model comes with 16 air jets and a whirlpool water jet system with 6 water jets perfect for soothing tired muscles. Learn More About This Walk-in Model....


We’re sure that you will find a model that perfectly suits your unique requirements!


Your invigorating experience in our walk-in tubs will relieve stress and inflammation, ease muscle strains, cramps, back and neck pain. You can finally enjoy a soothing safe bath again!

All our walkin bath tubs are rich in fabulous features.  One very popular feature that is included in each one of our walkin tubs is the relaxing and therapeutic full Hydrotherapy spa system.  Each of the individual  jets offers beneficial warm Hydrotherapy to surround and massage your entire body.  This helps to improve  blood flow, helps to reduce aches and pains, relaxing muscle tension, and soothing every inch of the body. Along with the hydrotherapy you can have your walkin bath tub equipped with the Whirlpool Massage and the inline heater for keeping the water warm and comfortable. 


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