Do you find it difficult to get in and out of your tub? Our revolutionary walkin bathtubs and shower enclosures makes bathing more comfortable and easier than ever.

Tub King-Logo Senior Walk in Bathtubs by Tub King offers a completely comfortable bathing experience that everyone can enjoy. If you have found it challenging to get in and out of a traditional tub, a walk-in tub or shower is the answer for you. You'll experience the healing effects of water on joints and muscles, and our walkin bath tubs and showers are safe to get into and out of. They drain quickly, have easy to use controls and low maintenance requirements. In business since 1993, our team has the knowledge and expertise to do the job right every time. All of our walkin bath tubs come with:

  • Hydrotherapy jets (hot air bubbles)
  • Whirlpool jets upgrade available
  • In-line heater
  • Elegant chrome faucets
  • Hand-held shower sprayer
  • Interior grab bar
  • Lifetime warranty on the door/seal, never to leak
  • Durable-tough marine grade construction
  • Four comfortable models from which
    to choose
  • Installed in only 4 to 6 hours

Your invigorating experience in our walk in tubs will relieve stress and inflammation, ease muscle strains, cramps, back and neck pain. You can finally enjoy a soothing bath again!

We provide you with the best and most affordable walk in tubs online today.

Nothing even comes close to matching the Tub King  Walk In Tubs, in features and affordabilty. 

For the Ultimate, Safe, Comfortable, and Therapeutic Treatment, It is the Ultimate Bathing Experience!

Why buy a walk in bathtub from Tub King?

These are some of the reasons you should consider the purchase of a walk in tub.

  1. Senior citizens love it because it's a bath tub with a door.
  2. All who have difficulty with mobility find it a dream come true.
  3. This truely amazing walkin bathtub allows virtually anyone the benefits of a soaking bath or shower without the fear of slipping or falling. 
  4. Designed for the person with mobility concerns, but great for anyone. 
  5. Whether you prefer a whirlpool jets,or deep soaking bath you will find the best option's for your walkin tubs here.
  6. Walk In Bathtubs That Are Made To Fit In Your Bathroom.!  Walk In BathTubs were design with TWO things in mind "Your Safety" and "To Fit In Your Bathroom"
  7. Our Price Promise Guarantee will help you feel confident that you are receiving the most competitive price online buying your walkin tub without having to shop around.


With our selection of luxurious walkin bathtubs, We’re sure that you will find a walkin Tub model that perfectly suits your unique requirements!

Our most popular safety step in (walk-in tub) style includes many more features than other competitive walkin bath tubs - AND AT A MORE AFFORDABLE PRICE!

Our “SeaSpray 051” is the walk in tub perfect for smaller spaces. No remodeling needed to bring through doorways! This Safety Walk in Stepin Bathtub was designed to fit in to your existing tub space.  The “Cascade Model” walkin bath tub can easily be brought through any bathroom doorways without remodeling or widening the door frame and fits in areas that have space constraints. Read More....

We offer a completely affordable bathing experience with our walk in (stepin) safety bath tubs, so that you can have the benefits of independent bathing and living. Our SeaSpray 202 Walk in Tub is roomy and popular. It is the perfect walk-in tub for taller  people.    Read More.... 

Due to its great safety advantage, walk in bath tubs also known as stepin bathtubs are generally marketed to the seniors (elderly), handicapped, or persons with limited mobility.  Because of  the "walk in" feature to this bath tub and its compact design it has been proven to be very popular for everyone.

The “Seaspray” 202 model is our tallest walkin tub with easy access and choice of entry door on the left or right for your convenience. We offer a selection of Walk In Bathtubs with many styles and sizes to choose from that are specifically designed to fit into the same space as your existing bathtub or shower. This Model "Seaspray 202" Walkin Bath Tub is specifically designed for tall people or those who weigh over 300 pounds. This Larger Size Walkin Bath Tub is for any person of larger body sizes, that has taller frames Read More....

Are you looking for the ultimate walk in bathing experience with safety? You've come to the right place for Walkin Tubs! 




Residential delivery is a curbside delivery only For our Walk-In Bath Tubs.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.  Also feel free to read our Disclaimer for further information.

Waterfall 302 Walk in bathtubs

Seaspray Model 202
$2,995 / $2,695 / $2,395

Seaspray 201 Walk in bathtubs

Seaspray Model 051
$2,995 / $2,695 / $2,395


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